Sunday, October 4, 2009

与PUTIN一起(第一日) With PUTIN(Day1)




该兽医所叫做Animal Health Center@Ara,位于Ara Damansara。地方轻松幽静。里边的负责人极度的友善,很细心地为我们介绍每只猫猫狗狗,还有那里的地方也很干净呐。
所以想要拿免费宠物就去吧。等麽野啊?咪走鸡啊 !!

Animal Health Center@Ara : Dr.Gowri Singam DVM 016-2623091


OK ! called it PUTIN la!

3rd of OCT afternoon , this cowardly dog finally came into Lee's family .. i'm thinkin to adopt a cat at first but end up i brought this stupid face back home .


First time adopted a pet from veterinary , and it's free (yeah!), if you're lucky, maybe can get some pretty and nice pet .
The place is called Animal Health Center@Ara , located at Ara Damansara .
The person incharge is very polite and very friendly ,she discribed every single pet for us nicely and the place there is pretty clean .
So if any fo you wanan get a nice free pet, what're you waiting for ?!?!

Animal Health Center@Ara : Dr.Gowri Singam DVM 016-2623091

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p4ngolin said...

health center ?
do they ship internationaly ? hahaha

welcome to Nipplebitch-doggie :p

- VING - said...

shippin fees 200 Us dollars ~ you want ? hehe

try watch USAVICH la ~ then you'll know why we choose this name ~

angie said...

gal or boy o??

- VING - said...

Boy lei geh ~ about 2months only ...

Jez said...

死蠢样......... XP

putin so cute!!really look stupid soh zai~ HAhahah

- VING - said...

yeah ~ this is why i adopted him lor ~ can always bully ....

homegirl said...

good job!

funikotony said...

Where exactly in Ara Damansara ya? Why I stay there but never know got such place geh?

- VING - said...

Ara Damansara is just near Subang airport road only ~ opposite Hyaat SauJana got this road sign to turn in geh ~ there's only 1 row of shoplot there ...