Tuesday, October 27, 2009

168 驰名生虾云吞

168 驰名生虾云吞坐落于Pudu Plaza对面的商店 ,就藏在Pudu至Time Square的必经之路。
也可以说是The Store和余仁生商店的附近。



168 Fresh Prawn Wantan Mee is just opposite Pudu Plaza , the shoplot area .
The shortcut that can get accross from Pudu to Time Square .
And just near by The Store and Yu Yan Sang Store.

This wantan mee shop really not bad , and the ladyboss is excellent .. and tastily ..
she always smile and talk to me .. when i was taking photo of her shop and she request me to take her portrait too ... i'm really speechless that time ..

Anyway , you guys can go have a try , it's really not bad .

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