Monday, March 22, 2010

风膜 = 荨麻疹 = Urticaria(或称作“Hives”)

经过三天有如百人搔痒的折磨,小弟对风膜有了深一层的认识。平日只喝热饮的我,自从去了Shemelin的ICE ROOM尽情''DUI''冰后,身体立刻承受不了。。。到处开始被人搔痒似的,身体的泡泡好像黑社会call马一样越聚越多,也好像红衫军反政府示威一样,皮肤组织动荡不定,一发不可收拾。

-去Farmasi买罐Calamine Lotion热痱水,欲痒即外敷。
- 早晚服用养命酒,驱逐身内寒气。


*Sookyee 强烈建议我谢谢她的细心照顾。。。哪~我没有说强逼啊~我说强烈建议而已。。。

After 3 days of itchiness tortured , i had a chance to further understand about Urticaria. I'm a guy who likes hot drink usually , but since i ate a lot of ice at ICE ROOM, Shemelin , it strongly affected my body. I can felt my body full of itchiness , the bubbles on skin gathered like mafia and it looks thousands of Thai anti-government red shirts protesters gathered on my skin too , totally uncontrolable.

There's 3 ways to cure it:
- Apply Calamine Lotion on ur body when itchy , don't swallow it.
- Buy Urticaria pills from traditional chinese medicine shop.
- Drink Yomeishu day and night , to expell the chill from your body.

If any of my friends who developed Urticaria like me , maybe you can try on my way because it's the way of cure which i ask around my friends and family and online.

*Sookyee strongly recommended me to thanks her for taking care me so much woh... Nah...i didn't say FORCE ar , i said strongly recommended only...XD

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