Saturday, January 30, 2010

Polysics - Bestoisu!!!!

Finally it's on my hand ~ BEST of Polysics and including rare & LIVE!!! But the live is only audio =..= ...nia sing... this is about the 3rd or 4th time buying japan original cd since about 10 years more ago...woo..Two-Mix , Le Couple.....and so on...

Recently damn addicted to this kind of new wave synth pop band , Polyiscs or new wave retro rock like Orange Range .. their music in damn interesting and full of effects ~ damn , i wanna learn how to play those effects man !!

终于把POLYSICS的正版CD弄到手了~他们的BEST,一些未正式发表的歌曲,还有演唱会音频...没有影像...妈的。=..= 这是我大概第三或第四次买日本正版CD吧...上一次大概是十多年前了吧 =..= 买了的大概是TWO-MIX,LE COUPLE..其他的忘了...

最近超喜欢听这种新浪潮乐队歌曲,比如POLYSICS或带有复古味道的ORANG RANGE..他们的音乐真的非常丰富,还用了满多音乐效果..真的很想学会怎样玩类似他们这样的乐效果!!

currently listening to : Polysics - XCT(live at ROCK IN JAPAN FES 2007)