Wednesday, August 12, 2009

咳嗽伤风交响乐 Cough+Flu Symphony

咳嗽伤风交响乐犹如四面楚歌 ,不停的在四周播放着 , 我恨不得现在手上有一个好的录音器 ,再把他们变成真正的交响曲 。。相信这将会是流行曲中的流行曲 。

前几天我身体里的大示威 ,已经严重警告我要好好对待自己身体了 。我不会像BN那样不听话的 ,放心吧 。我会听从我身体里的意见的 。
看来我要远离熬夜了 。。。不然再多的运动量也是无意义的。

Cough+Flu Symphony is playing non-stop everywhere , and every corner recently , and i wish i have a best recorder to mixed all into a real symphony , and i think that will be a true hit song for now .

Due to a big protest within my body these few days , i decided to listen more from my body , and don worry , i'm not BN , i will listen to the sound of my body from now .
Seems i have to quit the midnight life from now on , or else doing more sport will not help at all and its meaningless too .

currently listening to : Mono - Moonlight

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