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  纽约大学菲利普·泰尔诺博士指出,如果冲水时马桶盖打开,马桶内的瞬间气旋最高可以将病菌或微生物带到6米高的空中,并悬浮在空气中长达几小 时,进而落在墙壁和物品上。现在大部分家庭中,如厕、洗漱、淋浴都在卫生间里进行,牙刷、漱口杯、毛巾等与马桶共处一室,自然很容易受到细菌污染。因此, 应养成冲水时盖上马桶盖的习惯。


  马桶容易沾染尿渍、粪便等污物,冲水后如果发现仍留有残迹,一定要及时用马桶刷清除干净,否则容易形成黄斑污渍,也会滋生霉菌和细菌。除了管道 口附近,马桶内缘出水口处和底座外侧都是藏污纳垢的地方,清洗时先把马桶圈掀起,并用洁厕剂喷淋内部,数分钟后,再用马桶刷彻底刷洗一遍,最好用细头的刷 子,这样能更好地清洁马桶内缘和管道口深处。然后再刷洗底座和其他缝隙。

Be Conditioned To Cover Toilet Lid When You Flush It

If the toilet lid is uncovered when flush , the cyclonic will spill up bacterias or microorganism to maximum 6 feet high , and it will floating on air about few hours , and finally landed to your tooth brush , gargle cup , or towel .

Everybody is using toilet bowl day-by-day , but if you don't attentive , it will bring you disease one day .

Toilet bowl is easily to contaminated urine strains and dirts , if there's still some remained vestige , then should be clean up instantly by using toilet brush , otherwise it will become macular stains , mold and bacteria will breeding . There is dirt hiding apart from the pipe mouth near the inner edge of the toilet bowl , raise up the toilet lid while cleaning it , and apply some toilet cleanser in the inner side , after a couple of minutes , scrub it with your toilet brush , and then the toilet seat and some other gaps too .

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